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The foundation of what we do is research, a fundamental step towards understanding each client’s mission, goals, strengths and challenges. We use this data and the client’s own experience to develop an effective marketing strategy.

Strategic Marketing Plan Development

After conducting research, we often hold an intensive marketing charrette with the client’s team present. This workshop often yields clear marketing and sales goals, from which we then create a targeted marketing plan, budget and timeline.

Publicity and Media Relations

We specialize in identifying our clients’ most unique selling points and presenting them to targeted local, national and international media. The development of press kits, planning media tours, coordinating special events and one-on-one meetings with editors are some tactics utilized in capturing the media’s attention and generating publicity for your company. We also offer media training for clients who are required to serve as their organization’s spokesperson.

Collaterals, Advertising and Web Design

We are experts at establishing new brands and strengthening existing client identities through the development of graphically stunning marketing materials. Working closely with our creative team, we develop distinctive collateral materials, compelling advertising campaigns, award-winning web sites and high-quality videos. We optimize our clients’ web sites for high ranking among the top search engines and use analytics and metrics to continually hone our tactics and messages.

Social Media Marketing

The newest and fastest growing communication strategy is social media marketing, which is the dissemination of interesting content (photos, announcements, videos, etc.) on electronic social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Linked In, blogs and many others. Often, recipients will then re-post and share the content on their own networking sites, greatly expanding the “net” of potential customers and prospects. We have our own team of social marketing experts who are continually refining existing and creating new tactics for reaching our target markets electronically.

Lead Generation

What differentiates us from most marketing firms is our understanding of the dynamics of sales lead generation. Among the many strategies we are experienced in launching include broker programs in gateway North American and international cities, property owner referral and enchantment tour programs, targeted e-mail leads list development, luxury vacation home show participation and Internet lead generation.


We often involve our clients in well-established events that target the luxury demographic such as golf and tennis tournaments, billfishing tournaments, top boat shows, luxury vacation home shows and food & wine festivals. Whenever possible, we collaborate with governmental ministries of tourism, hotel brands and major airlines to share expenses. As a firm, we are big believers in supporting non-profit organizations and have offered thousands of hours of pro-bono counsel. We always encourage our clients to support events that benefit important causes.

"David Pearson Associates understands the needs of individual media outlets better than any other marketing/public relations firm I have ever worked with. Like seasoned journalists, they know what makes a compelling story. As a result, I have written articles for Forbes about several of Pearson’s clients over the years. I look forward to working with them again on many more articles to come!"
-- Carrie Coolidge, Forbes magazine